Nine Worst Colleges in America

Yes, it’s another college ranking list, but this snarky / cheeky one really stands out. Radar Magazine Online recently put together a “semi-scientific guide to the most substandard schools in America.” Using a wide variety of sources, Radar took up the challenge of choosing which accredited 4-year colleges with physical campuses made the “dishonor roll.”

Worst Party School: (Tie) California State University-Chico; San Diego State University
Illustrious Alumni: Chico lays claim to good-time-guy novelist Raymond Carver (who graduated elsewhere) and bare-knuckled political consultant Ed Rollins, while SDSU graduated disgraced former CIA executive director Kyle “Dusty” Foggo and oft-disrobed former C-movie actress Raquel Welch.

Worst Trust-Fund-Baby College: Bennington College (VT)
Notable Course: “SHHH! The Social Construction of Silence,” a class focused on breaking down the classification of silence as an absence of sound and “establishing it as a presence.” Or, the class where you sleep off your hangover.

Worst Ivy League University: Cornell University (NY)
School Pride: “I haven’t overheard a single intellectual conversation in three years, unless it was between Indian or Asian students,” writes an architecture major on Students Review.

Worst Christian University: Liberty University (VA)
School Pride: “The mountains and all are beautiful. It’s right near the Wal-Mart too,” writes a student on Campus Dirt.

Worst of the Big Ten: Michigan State University (East Lansing)
It’s not surprising this hard-drinking football school hasn’t made it to the Rose Bowl since 1988: Much of its student body seems to be in jail. Over 1,000 students were arrested for drug and alcohol offenses last year, along with another 1,224 perps in the crime-ridden city.

Worst Military Academy: Virginia Military Institute
VMI excluded women from its ranks until the U.S. Supreme Court forced the academy to admit female cadets in 1996.

Worst Women’s College: Texas Woman’s University
Notable Course: Cultural Perspectives of Personal Appearance.

The Worst College in America: University of Bridgeport (CT)
Fun Fact: At orientation, all incoming students are given a “personal alarm locator” that will send swarms of campus policemen racing to their rescue whenever they press a panic button.

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    • Joe jackson
    • October 1st, 2009

    Champlain College is very distrustful and non-diverse. It prides itself on courses and ethics throughout. This is the most hypocritical place I have ever seen. Faculty members are antiquated and over paid. In Fact, faculty members believe they can get paid if students aren’t enrolling. They place no value on students or respect the struggles that students are going through. I have three words….don’t enroll there.

    You will regret it…..believe me, my friends and I already enrolled elsewhere.

    • EM
    • December 7th, 2009

    Bennington College is a joke. College is about furthering your education, not learning about shit that doesn’t matter. When these kids get out in the real world, an employer will not take them serious if they didn’t actualy get an education. Okay maybe you want to talk about your feelings in some arts and humanities class, but that doesn’t put money in your bank account. Spending 50K a year to get a degree that won’t get you anywhere except 200K in debt is well, stupid.

    • Mindy
    • December 30th, 2009

    I would say St.Cloud State University is among the worst. I will admit there are some good teachers here who care about the students, but the LARGE majority will say they care about how their students do but then when you try to ask questions or clarify something they ignore you or tell you you are wasting class time. Thankfully for me I have come to my senses and will be transfering next year to a better more respected school. I might also add that if you want to do anything related to science, engineering or mathematics (especially math)….then do not dare step one foot onto this campus. I have gone onto and checked out EVERY math professor here and NONE of them got good ratings. That was very shocking to me…on of the professor was so bad that he had tons of comments from students, none of which said anything remotely good about him, and most of which said they reported him to the dean. (But he is tenured so can’t get fired.) Overall SCSU is a school that will accept ANYBODY who wants to enroll there (literally)and they seem to hire just about anybody who applies for a teaching position there, one reason why the majority of the teachers royally screw up at their job. Then, they blame everything on the student…when over three-fourths of your students are failing how can you not take ANY responsibility? Also, tuition keeps rising and rising. They just passes something that would increase our tuition, just to be able to go to concerts for “free” at the university. Not to mention the outragious bill we have to pay for athletic fees, even though I have never participated in one sport there, nor gone to any of their losing games. Then I here all these reports aobut Jews being discriminated against, but of course the university covers those up. In the winter the sidewalks and streets do not have ice put on them and when there is a VERY steep hill you have to go down to get to the gym area and classes associate with that (work-study for me) that is very dangerous. (I HAVE fallen down that hill before from ice). Then there is the aspect where the meal plan is extremely expensive (I did the math and it costed over 4 dollars from one meal (this was with the cheapest food plan option)). I started making my own food but for the first semester you are required to have a meal plan….nice rule coming from people who don’t have to pay the outrageous bill no?) Not to mention the food was undercooked, cold and tasteless. In the dorms, I see men in the womens bathroom all the time…they are not allowed in their but nobody will do anything about it even though they have received many complaintes. Not to mention they never refill the soap dispenser and even on cleaning days I see no signs of anything that was cleaned. Same for the kitchen…I would be afraid to use that microwave. Oh, and even though alcohol and drugs are not allowed here, I see it all the time and nobody does anything about it, they just threaten that they will get puniched but nothing happens. No, seriously though, don’t go here. I want to strees that the professors stink at their job (and there are several classes where the GA or TA does ALL of the work and the professor goes of to play golf.) Oh, and the people who teach education related classes(say you wanted to be a teacher or personal who helped with the diabled or something….the material taught in these courses is SEVERELY outdates (information from the 1960′s!) and they teach is as “current”) Oh, the education professors also stink by the way…first off if you expect to get in a class that you need, you won’t be able to because the classes are soo small and there aren’t many of those classes taught…even when the demand for them is sky high. Then the math professors again…..I am someone who loves math and I am good at it…I am a person who people consider “smart” and “studies too much”…..needless to say I got a D in my calculus class. That means I have to retake it. I have spend more of my time studying for calculus in college then I did for any other class this semester. I got an A in all of my other classes, and a D in calculus, a class which I spend so much time preparing for. I read the book, understood what was taught, went over class notes, take the test, and I get to see a failing grade on the top of it. Sad part is this wasn’t just me…this happened to over 3/4′s of the students in the class, and in another calculus class this professor taught. (I know because he put the grades on an overheard for both classes and showed everyone.)This professor blamed everything on the student, but he did not come close to realizing that he had anything to do with it. This was a professor who was supposed to be one of the better of the worst professors of math here. He never went over the tests and if anyone in the class asked a quesiton about it or any other question related to calculus, he would refuse to answer it because he needs all the class time to go over proofs. These are proofs of how all of these different formulas came from….proofs that even most math teachers don’t know how to do from their heads and proofs that the students are not expected to remember either. Final word from me, if you consider going here and you step into the campus, you better march right back on out of there and go somewhere else or you will regret your time and money you spent here….I know I do, which is why I am stepping out of it and stepping inside somewhere else!

    • NATE
    • January 13th, 2010

    I would like someone’s feedback on their personal experience at Agnes Scott College. From what I have seen posted by students, it depends on your major. I understand that their curriculum in the math and sciences is great, but in liberal arts, it’s more like a “Reading Club” and the students are on an honor system and grade all of their own papers? Please let me know if this is true.

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