Sustainability Degree Offered at Arizona State University

Do you remember, back in the day, when it was crazy talk that the world might be round? And how cranky the Catholic Church became when Galileo started spouting off about the freakishly scientific Copernican theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way around (as God intended because Man is the center of the universe)? And how weird those solar power-hungry hippies were when they were conserving energy and doing all of that bizarre recycling and yelling about the end of life as we know it if humans continue to burn through resources? And Al Gore backing them up with his totally off-the-wall slide show about “global warming.” Who would believe that mankind could roast an entire planet into oblivion? Freak.

Yep, I like to sit around sometimes (after I’ve done some voting for the always right Right Wing) and think about all the weirdos who have tried to steer us humans wrong in the past, and how the supremely conservative men and women have always pointed out the crazies for us. Good times. Thank god those Earth-is-round folks were proved wrong. We’ve been up in space and the photos of the Earth are clearly flat. It’s like a squished box. And Galileo, that guy sure got what he deserved. A gazillion years of purgatory; that’ll teach him to be good at math and do all that thinking. Pope John Paul II was just being nice when he publicly stated (in 1992) that Galileo was right. And as for Mr. Gore, sure his theories can all be proved with basic math and elementary scientific observation, but George Bush and his people have been doing lots of vehement denying, so I believe the President (who hasn’t been wrong yet).

Oh, if only I were simple-minded, then life would be simple, too. Too bad I’m strapped to this round planet with a bunch of closed-minded conservative yahoos who are happy to watch the planet go the way of the buffalo. I tend towards crankiness, yes, and some might say my personality, um, rhymes with ‘itchy’. But, I’m also an optimist. A sarcastic, cranky, ‘itchy’ optimist, that’s me. So thank gawd there’s a green light at the end of this tunnel of global-warming doom: there are degrees to be had in the field of sustainability.

Arizona State University now offers bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees in sustainability.

The School of Sustainability, together with the Global Institute of Sustainability, provides innovative, interdisciplinary education and research opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, to better prepare them to identify and solve sustainability challenges.The degree programs are flexible, interdisciplinary, problem-oriented programs where students explore the sustainability of human societies and the natural environment on which they depend.

And more and more colleges and universities are heading in a green direction with the energy consumption on campus as well as building green (environmentally sound) structures. Changes showing up at universities is a positive sign (like a possible drowning victim spewing sea water). Humanity may still be screwed, but we might be able to fix our flat planet.

Posted by Alexa Harrington

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  1. @Vicky–I apologize for taking so long to reply to your comment. For the record, I have nothing against people who are conservative in their politics, nor do I have anything against people who go the Catholicism route. The people are fine. It’s the Catholic Church and the Conservative politicians I have issues with. I also have issues with screaming liberals who beat their children and don’t do what they can to save/preserve the planet. The Catholic Church was responsible for offing many a forward thinker back in the day, and I wasn’t kidding about the Pope admitting, hundreds of years later and DECADES after humans made it to space, that the Catholic Church wasn’t letting Galileo out of Hell for trying to tell people that the Earth goes around the Sun, but they were admitting that his math may have been correct so they were going to officially let him out of purgatory. I don’t care which group did that to Galileo, it’s so stupid and backwards I can’t breathe right now. Do you not see that offing someone for thinking bigger and speaking the truth is like me getting the electric chair for walking up to the new Pope and saying that I’m pretty sure gravity is what makes us all not fly off this spinning planet of ours.

    As far as the conservative political types go, I’m hoping you were paying attention when George W. Bush repeatedly denied claims that the planet was headed for certain screwed-ness. He not only said the environmentalists and the research scientists were lying and wrong and full of crap, he also did nothing to begin to fix the problem. Also, it could have been anyone. It wasn’t his voters, so I have no problem with conservative-minded humans in general. But I have a huge f-ing problem with world leaders who are that f-ing stupid. Sorry.


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