Top 10 Overrated Careers

U.S. News and World Report released their list of the top 10 overrated careers for 2007. The list was drawn from more than 2,500 confidential counseling sessions with real-world professionals over 20 years. Often the work is more tedious than others would guess. Or people enter a career to make a difference only to encounter frustrating roadblocks at every turn.

Top Overrated Careers + Alternatives

1. Advertising Executive
Alternative – social marketing

2. Attorney
Alternative – mediation

3. Chef
Alternative – personal chef

4. Chiropractor
Alternative – physician assistant

5. Nonprofit Manager
Alternative – philanthropist

6. Police Officer
Alternative – homeland security official

7. Psychologist
Alternative – personal coach

8. Real Estate Agent
Alternative – sales for higher demand products

9. Small Business Owner
Alternative – #2 person in someone else’s small business

10. Teacher
Alternative – corporate trainer, adult ESL teacher, tutor

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