Special Forces or Law School

There are several points in every person’s life in which a major, life-changing decision must be made. I myself have never had to decide whether to work toward my Special Forces qualification or to go to law school, but I’ve always wondered how that thought process would go…My major life decisions were more along the lines of which order to do grad school, career and motherhood.

Steve Bogucki at Educated Soldier has a post up in which he works through his Special Forces vs. law school quandary. It’s very interesting, as is his blog. I think he and I are probably at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but that doesn’t mean I can’t respect him as a dedicated soldier and as an intelligent student. Also, his Mom pointed me in the direction of his blog, and he refers to her as his ‘confidante’, so he can’t be all bad.

Posted by Alexa Harrington

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    • Diana
    • July 23rd, 2008

    Thank you for taking the time to read my son’s web site;
    I realize that I am a bit prejudice when it comes to my son’s website and his life in general. I am very proud of him,he has come a long way in his 24 years and he never ceases to amaze me.
    He has so many goals and I know that he will achieve them all.
    A Very Proud Mom

  1. Diana,

    You’re welcome. You have every right to be proud; your son is a pretty amazing person. Take care,


  2. Alexa,

    I too would like to thank you for your kind comments in regards to my blog, Educated Soldier. Because of this site and the attention that it has brought to my own, exciting new opportunities have presented themselves as new, diverse readers appraoch my work. I greatly appreciate that.

    I have enjoyed my undergraduate education and, after taking care of my military obligation, I look forward to what education opportunities present themselves then. That being said, I will follow this website with the greatest of interest.

    And, again, thank you!


    Steve B.


  3. Steve,

    You’re so welcome. I’m so happy for you about the new opportunities! Take care and keep me posted,


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