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Smooth Harold, Blake Snow’s alter ego/blog, has an outstanding list of the 50-Most-Common-Interview-Questions-and-Answers. It’s so good, having access to it makes me feel like a naughty little cheater. Knowing at least fifty of the questions an interviewer might throw at me, as well as solid advice on how I should go about answering them intelligently, reduces my stress level significantly (I prefer not to be caught off guard in situations where everyone is watching me and scoring how well I jump through hoops, climb vertical rock faces, and leap over nether-region-clenching chasms).

I’m not currently on the job hunt, but the Gen-Xers (my people, dude) were cursed several years back when some think-tanker told everyone that we would change jobs and careers a stupid number of times throughout our professional lives. Which basically means that by the time I’m in my sixties and will (hopefully) be a decade or so away from retirement, I’ll be able to interview my parents and my grandparents under the table.

Of course, they will either be already dead or nearly there, so some will argue that it’s not going to be a fair fight. Whatever. I’ll be so cranky about having to switch career paths and jobs every few years that I will no longer give a flying rat’s ass about the obsolete concept of “fairness.”

And what I meant by all that was: Woohoo! Interviews! Go out there and interview your asses off, people! Forward motion is good, and knowing you can nail several of the questions the suits in the tiny room will want you to answer with inimitable aplomb and captivating perfection is such a chest-swellingly marvelous feeling. It’s so good, it’s probably addictive. It’s also totally legal, so go nuts.

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  1. Alexa,
    This list is such a great tool. Preparation is absolutely key when it comes to interviews. It’s those unexpected questions that really rattle people. An additional way to prepare beyond anticipating the questions and having your answers ready is to be doing things to enhance your knowledge and skills while on your job search. It gaves you wonderful material to discuss, especially when a question that may not be on the list pops up. Just in time for Halloween you can invite your readers to visit my post Attack of the Job Interview! at this link. It covers “unexpected questions”

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