33 Posts On America’s Education System


While writing the previous post, I went searching in the archives for relevant previous posts. I found entirely too many to tack onto the end of an already-lengthy post. Here they are, including some Education Reform posts proving I’m not always in disagreement with President Obama.

Teaching and Teachers:

The Teachers You Remember
Which Road Do the Quality Teachers Walk In On?
“Don’t Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?”
The Knowledge of Educators
Teaching the Truth

Education Reform:

Obama’s Wacky Ideas: Teamwork, Responsibility, Working Hard, and Learning Stuff
Obama’s Race to the Top
“What’s Wrong With Merit Pay”
Teacher Compensation Reform
President Obama’s Plan for Education
First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks to the Dept. of Education
Obama Girls to Attend Private School
Nicely Put
Education Advice for the Next President
Sen. Obama’s Education Reform Speech
Obama Chooses Arne Duncan for Secretary of Education
It’s Not On the Test


The Future of Education
Kindergarten Readiness
11th-Grade Activities
21st Century Learners
“Bursting the AP Bubble”
The Salubriousness of Recess
Play-Doh Smeared Credentials


Detroit Public Schools: Photoessay
More Upheaval For Detroit Public Schools
Find Your Happy Place
Virtual Schools
How Charter Schools Affect Student Outcomes
Home-Schooling Grows
‘H’ Is For ‘Half-Measure Haggis’

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