WSJ On Campus and Present “Inside the Admissions Office”

Aaah, the vomitous stench of thousands of high school students grubbing their way through the college application process. It smells in no way like “vick-tree,” it’s really more of a fully-dilated, hyper-aware, fight or flight, big bad stinkfest.

Everyone calm down and watch this: The heads of eight admissions departments explain what they go through when reviewing the piles of applications they receive from high school students hoping to be granted acceptance into their institution of higher education. The counselors sound human (it’s better when they’re not borg-like aliens) and like they actually give a rat’s ass that crushable young humans are waiting with barfy, bated breath for an answer.

The take-home message is to be you. Don’t create a false version of yourself that you imagine will be the exact student your dream school is looking for. Try to keep in mind the coolest college application essay ever; everything totally worked out for that guy.

You can watch the full broadcast below, or go here for a list of the highlights. Jordan Goldman, the twenty-something founder and CEO of, moderates the discussion.

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Posted by Alexa Harrington

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