The Hotness of Geek Barbie

The world order has finally reconciled itself! Barbie no longer thinks “Math class is tough!” Now she’s lighting up cubicle jockeys with her smokin’ bod and her tight pants! She will be fetching lattes for no one.

I actually like Barbie, to be honest. I know she’s supposed to be evil and make little girls feel badly about themselves, but I had about 20 Barbies when I was an impressionable young thing and I’ve never had body issues. Besides, how can you not respect a girl who can maintain that posture and walk around 24/7 on her tip-toes with a rack like that? Barbie’s a badass, I don’t care what the angry hippies say.

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Posted by Alexa Harrington

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  1. Erk! AT the risk of sounding like a petty academic instead of a real nerd, plagiarism seems to leap to my lips. Pray see Peter E. Zale, Techies Unite, McGraw-Hill, 2000, ISBN 0-07-136073-5. This is a disturbingly close resemblance to Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet.

  2. This is great! I wrote a similar post on my blog. I love how they took a survey to decide what would be Barbie´s next career.

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