College Grads and Student Loan Debt

While we’re on the topic of student loans and the lifetime of debt college grads will face, here are some informative articles and resources to peruse (find a paper bag and try to remember to breathe slowly and evenly).

Compare student loan default rates at different colleges and universities with Ben Miller’s 411 on Cohort Default Rates.

More Articles of Interest:

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  1. I recently found out the average time it takes students to graduate is over now over 5 years! The real trick to avoid racking up a lot of student debt is to avoid common pitfalls that make extra semesters necessary. One of the most common is waiting too long to take difficult courses and then having to take too many in their last year which usually ends up making students drop a course and have to retake it the following semester. I helped found MyEdu to address this specific problem :) We have found that with proper planning students can save time and money (actually I guess time IS money in college) while completing their degree. This of course in turn means less debt when they graduate…

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