Maybe It’s Better Not to Know What Kids Think

It’s cringe-y and funny and it just upset me and made me laugh until I snurfed green tea out my nose. I think you should read it too. Chag Holland is Cynical Dad and he is capable of making your day better.

I help out in my daughter’s class. I used to just do simple things like copy papers and cut out shapes and crap, but somewhere along the line, someone got the dumb idea that I could actually work with the kids and teach them things. Big mistake. Last week, I was working with a table of kids and teaching them how to carry ones. One of the little boys at the table spoke up.
Boy #1: I’m the best in the class at math.—

Internal Chag: Um, no, or you wouldn’t be sitting here with me.—

Girl #1: No you’re not! Hamid is!—

Boy #1: That doesn’t count. Of course he’s the best at math.—

External Chag: Why is he the best at math?—

Boy #1: He’s from another country. All they do is math.

Internal Chag: What the fuck, dude?


Posted by Alexa Harrington

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  1. Why are we so surprised when kids consider pretty much every foreigner a terrorist? Half the adult Americans could be secretly thinking the same thing, kids are just more innocent to admit things for what they are. The way some news is covered in press and on TV, the population gets a big doze of brainwashing that creates a lot of stereotyping thinking.

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