Environmental Law Programs

Want to be a lawyer but you have a conscience? Do you find yourself sympathizing more with the planet than with your fellow humans? Angry with mankind for hosing the planet utterly? Do I have the career for you! Environmental law is the perfect way for smarty-pants lawyer types who want to use their fighting powers for good to stick it to the man while saving the world.

The law firm Shems Dunkiel Raubvogel & Saunders PLLC has two environmental law blogs to peruse: The Renewable Energy Law Blog and the Vermont Environmental and Land Use Law Blog.

I would also recommend looking into the law schools below as they all offer environmental law in one form or another. Some schools offer only graduate degrees in environmental law, while others offer environmental law coursework as part of another law degree. Georgetown University, for example, includes environmental law as part of its Masters of Studies in Law (MSL) Degree for Journalists.

Environmental Law Programs:

Lewis and Clark Law School
Vermont Law School
Pace Law School
The University of Maryland School of Law
Berkeley Law
Stanford Law School
Georgetown Law
GW Law
Yale Law School
Columbia Law School
Colorado Law
Tulane Law School
UT Austin School of Law
University of Oregon School of Law
University of Washington School of Law
Harvard Law School
Duke Univ. Environmental Law and Policy Clinic
Boston College Law
University of Utah College of Law
Florida State Univ. College of Law

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  1. Environmental Lawyer degree seems to be a good course to take. Being smart and using human power to save the world is a noble deed.

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