Advice for the College Interview

Practical advice for all prospective college students facing college admissions interviews:

Breastage covered, ladies.

Gentleman (I use the term loosely), keep your mitts off the package.

And for all of you, I would suggest NOT bringing any parental units along to babysit/control you. Having your mom take an interview with you sends the message:

I can’t handle this weensie step alone, so there’s no way on earth I’ll be able to deal with matriculating at your school without lots of intense parental input. I need my mom for crust-cutting, bathing, and paper-typing. I am also thrown by shoelaces, Scotch tape, and the making of any level of decision. I’m the academic version of Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan; my higher education at your school is likely to end badly for both of us.

Here’s what you can do:

Don’t be so nervous that the interviewer(s) feel you must surely have misunderstood the word “interview” in the letter and you clearly believe you’re to be shot against that wall over there. College admission interviews are not life and death, I promise.

Be the polite, grown-up (without going overboard) version of yourself and try to limit your interviews to schools you really want to attend, as this will help you have something real to say.

Bring something to the table; don’t just sit and answer whatever questions the interviewer shoots at you; have something to say that adds to the conversation. Having an actual opinion about the school and what you envision your place to be in it will assist you greatly in answering the questions asked.

Posted by Alexa Harrington


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