Secret SAT Scores

One family has managed to get it right—or do it well or actively walk away from being total whack jobs when it comes to dealing with their children’s higher education situations or whatever. However you’d like to put it, the Demarees of Bethesda are lovely in their lack of over-control. The parents have raised happy, successful kids. Three of them. Not one has flunked out of life due to the freedom allowed them by their parents. During the kids’ college-admissions-gauntlet years, Debby and Larry didn’t show a single SAT score to a single kid. It’s a good message: this number is not what it all comes down to. Move on.

It has been fully documented that there is no love lost between myself and the high-pressure helicopter parents of this country. I yammer on frequently about them and their crappy parenting skills. Classes are taken and volumes of how-to books are read so they can raise their offspring excellently; then unconditional love is tossed out the window so the whole damn family can focus on getting junior into a fantabulous college someday. The goal to be perfect, loving parents lasts until around preschool admissions time, and then it’s all about higher education for the next sixteen years or so.

Education is a right, and we all deserve to have as much of the learning as we can stand. College is a marvelous place; I’d live there if I could. I am all for higher education. But it’s not life or death, I promise. Relax, give your kids the tools and support they need, allow them their options, and then, for the love of all things holy, let them go. They’re not as stupid as some parents seem to think.

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